H&Co Academy Esthetics

The H&Co Advantage
H&CO Academy Esthetics is an all-inclusive program
registered with Private Vocational Institutes of Manitoba
and is accredited with the Province of Manitoba.


Our Mission

Building a foundation for career development while being defined by our commitment to excellence and innovation in education and personal growth.

Our Values

We believe in having a trusting and cooperative environment where two way communications are free and open. Our belief in outlining clear goals and a process in which to achieve them. We pride ourselves with a balance of humour, fun, patience, and growth.

Our Commitment

To give our students the best education using a combination of knowledge, personalized instruction and education materials. We will provide mentorship that equips students to transition into skilled professionals.

Your Success

We go beyond the technical and focus on the personal and business skills necessary for a great career. We teach repeatable systems required for self-marketing and client building to develop your career portfolio for a lifelong marketing tool.


H&Co Academy Esthetics is one of three fully accredited ADVANCED ESTHETICS programs in Manitoba.

Our program is built with small class sizes, proving to provide immense support for our students during their studies. With the Advanced Esthetics License being our main focus - our instructors and academy team are available for the students in an inclusive and intimate classroom setting, allowing for a wealthy amount of 1-on-1 time for every student.


When a program is provincially regulated, the laws, the curriculum, the practical protocols are not only adhered to but regularly monitored to ensure the highest level of accountability for the instruction and facility. There is no bias or influence involved and you can trust that the education you are receiving has gone through many hands of approval. Your education, skills and knowledge reflect a regularly reviewed curation of requirements for success. 



Completing your program in an accredited facility will mean that your diploma will be recognized everywhere you go. In certain areas, there will be additional governing around Esthetics like Apprenticeship & Provincial Licensing but being trained in Manitoba means that you were trained with higher requirements and measures than most other regions. Many of our students go on to challenge other licensing requirements due to the higher level of completed hours and extended clinic floor experience. 


We at H&Co Academy Esthetics are incredibly proud of the effort and investment that has gone into this advanced curriculum.

As beauty professionals, we honour the integrity and longevity of the profession by raising the bar in education and the safety and satisfaction of our students and in turn, our clients.